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Yamaha YVC-300 USB, Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone

Mã sản phẩm: YVC-300
Giá gốc 15,620,000₫
YVC-300 Catalog (for printing) ENG[PDF]

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New! A conference speakerphone leveraging your smartphone from a personal talking gadget to a group communication device.

Equipped with high-quality audio processing technologies proved in "YVC-1000".
Equipped with various kinds of audio processing technologies developed over many years by Yamaha, including a high-performance adaptive echo canceller. Human Voice Activity Detection(HVAD) to detect which audio the microphone picks up is human voices with high precision, has been embedded in various kinds of audio processing technologies, thus clearly separating the voice from noise and achieving audio communication where it is "easy to speak", "easy to listen", and "stress-free".